Bits of Future: Food for All – Demonstration at Chignolo Po

On March 16th 2011, BioHyst offered to the media, to institutions and companies, an in situ demonstration of the workings of his technology: the Italian answer to key issues such as food shortage, alternative energies and the environment.

The meeting was organized by the BioHyst company together with the Association Scienza per Amore and provided the occasion to directly verify the scope of the results described on March 2nd 2011 in Rome, during the official presentation of the humanitarian project, “Bits of Future: Food for All”.

Present at the demonstration were representatives of the Embassies of Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Somalia and Senegal, representatives of IFAD and of several important companies operating in both food and energy sectors.

The technical demo enabled those present to observe first hand the efficacy of HYST technology in processing bran and biomass waste such as straw – aimed at producing food and feed with high nutritional values, with extremely reduced energy consumptions and zero environmental impact.


HYST processing


HYST machine