African Ambassadors Meeting

On July 4, 2013, the Association Scienza Per Amore has been invited to attend the monthly meeting of the Group of African Ambassadors at the Quirinale, organized by the Embassy of Niger at Leon’s Place Hotel in Rome.

The meeting, attended by the Dean – the Ambassador of the Republic of Congo SE Mamadou Kamara Dékamo – was an occasion to present the Humanitarian Project “Bits of Future: Food for All” and the Hyst technology to all the representatives of the Embassies of the African continent at the Quirinale.

In particular, the characteristics of Hyst – upon which the project is founded – and its applications in the sectors of food (human and livestock) and renewable energy were illustrated, together with examples of integrated industrial facilities based on the use of Hyst, specially developed according to specific requirements by some countries in the Sahel area that have already officially joined Bits of Future.