Forever Young Energy

The Association Scienza per Amore was present at the meeting Forever Young Energy, which was held September 16, 2011 in Rome, at the Auditorium del Massimo, with the humanitarian project “Bits of Future: food for all”, aimed at sustainable development in Africa: food security and renewable energy for the developing countries, in full respect of the environment. From 7:00 PM, the event was attended by the following diplomats: from Ghana, Lesotho, Liberia, Senegal, Somalia, Uganda at the Quirinale; from Ukraine and Cameroon at the Holy See; plus, the Consul of Rwanda.

The means for achieving these goals is the technology HYST, capable of optimizing the use of biomass (including waste and by-products) for food and energy purposes. All of the above with zero environmental impact.

The space of the Association was set up with an exhibition of painting and photography (Association VersOltre), an exhibition of vintage motorcycles (Association AMIME) and areas dedicated to vintage antiques and African craft. During the event, signatures in support of the nomination were gathered.




Art exhibition by VersOltre Association

Bike exhibition by AMIME Association