Philanthropy: an obstacle race challenge

From green, food and energy for all
Philanthropy: an obstacle race challenge

Africa presses for Hyst technology
Resources for a new economy: green food and energy for all

Rome, 23rd May 2011, Auditorium, Divino Amore Hotel: Art, Biology, Neurosciences, Physics, Collectables, Restoration, Stamp collecting… these are just some of the activities the Scienza per Amore Association chose to present. All aimed at supporting Hyst technology and the humanitarian project – Bits of Future: food for all – promoted and financed by the Association itself and directed toward African countries.

Great interest was reconfirmed, even on this occasion, by delegates of the African governments present at the event: Senegal, Somalia, Burkina Faso, Congo, Ivory Coast, Uganda. The joint intention is to support and promote implementation of the technology in each country through their respective governments.
In particular, the representatives of the Government of Senegal and the Government of Somalia have made official, with letters of intent, their country’s interest to engage in the humanitarian project.

“Just over a year ago, following the arrest of Danilo Speranza, the Hyst technology was presented to the public as the instrument for the perpetration of a fraud promoted by the supposed “guru” to the prejudice of the members of Maya Education Rehabilitation, in turn defined as a “cult”. Because of these accusations members decided to dissolve R.E.Maya and, about 200 members established the Scienza per Amore Association to protect their rights and to be able to continue activities towards the humanitarian project,” said Dr. Stefania Adiutori, representative of the members of Scienza per Amore, in a video presentation of the history of the Maya associations and their founder Danilo Speranza.


Delivery of the letter of interest for the Hyst Somalia project

Slides of the report by the University of Milan on Hyst processes

Art exhibition by VersOltre Association

Bike exhibition by AMIME Association